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Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Liability Partnership is a hybrid between a company and a partnership that, as the name suggests, provides the benefits of limited liability and allows its members the flexibility of organizing their internal structure as a partnership based on a mutually arrived agreement.

The LLP Low in India

The Indian Legislature, keeping in view, the international business trends where a range of services is being offered by professionals and businesses in the form of Limited Liability Partnerships, has enacted the much awaited Limited Liability Partnership Act. The Limited Liability Partnership Bill, 2006, was approved by the Cabinet on Dec 7, 2006 and was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on 15th Dec, 2006. It was later referred to the Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance for examination. The Committee submitted its report to both Houses of Parliament on 27th Nov, 2007, recommending some changes along with some suggestions regarding the LLP Bill, 2006. [1] On 12th Dec 2008, the Parliament passed the Limited Liability Partnership Bill, 2008. The Limited Liability Partnership Bill, 2008 received the assent of the Hon’ble President on 7th January, 2009 and has now become a legislation to be called as ‘Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008’.

LLP registration

Requirements for Forming an LLP

Today, Startup companies have thronged the marketplace with the opening of the Indian economy and for any Startup, the LLP structure provides the best of both the corporate as well as partnership world. Before embarking on incorporating an LLP it is important to check whether the proposed LLP name is available with the Registrar of Companies. It is also important to obtain the Director Identification Number (DIN) and the Digital Signature for the LLP in advance. One of the basic requirements of an LLP is a minimum of two partners but there is no limit to the maximum number of partners allowed in a limited liability partnership firm. Again, the minimum two designated partners of the LLP must be individuals, of whom at least one is a resident of India. However, body corporate or organization, a foreign company, a foreign LLP can also be partners of a LLP as long as the above requirement of two designated partners is fulfilled. LLP structure allows small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as Startups with the freedom of incorporating with bare minimum capital. There is no minimum capital contribution required from the partners and the partners can even contribute in instalments into the LLP without any limitations.

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Extent and Limitation of Liability

An LLP being a separate legal entity is liable for an obligation arising in contract or otherwise and the liabilities of the LLP will be met out of its property. A partner will not be held personally liable, directly or indirectly for an obligation of the LLP, solely by reason of being a partner of the LLP. However, such liability shall not affect the personal liability of a partner for his own wrongful act or omissions and in the event of an act carried out by the LLP or any of its partners, with intent to defraud creditors of the LLP or any other person, or for any fraudulent purpose, the liability of the LLP and partners who acted with intent to defraud creditors or for any fraudulent purpose shall be unlimited for all or any of the debts or other liabilities of the LLP. Therefore, a partner will be held personally liable for his own wrongful act or omission, but not for the wrongful act or omission of any other partner of the LLP.

Minium Requirement

  1. 1. Minimum two person as partner
  2. 2. Minimum Capital shall be Rs. 10,000
  3. 3. DIN for the all the Partners
  4. 4. Digital Signature for all the partners
  5. 5. Consent From the partners
  6. 6. Proof of Registered Address
  7. 7. NOC from the owner of premises

Document Requirement

  1. 1. Colour Photo of all the partners
  2. 2. Pan Card of the all the partners
  3. 3. Address Proof of all the partners
  4. 4. Signature on the DSC Form
  5. 5. Signature on Affidavit for DIN
  6. 6. Signature on Consent form
  7. 7. Signature on Subscriber Sheet


What is a LLP ?

It is an alternative corporate business vehicle that gives the benefits of limited liability but allows its members the flexibility of organising their internal structure as a traditional partnership. The LLP is a separate legal entity and, while the LLP itself will be liable for the full extent of its assets, the liability of the members will be limited.

What sort of organisation can become an LLP?

Any new or existing firm of two or more persons can incorporate as an LLP.

Can I convert from being a limited company to an LLP?

The LLP legislation does not allow for a 'conversion process' - in the way that a limited company can convert to PLC status under the Companies Act, for example. Anyone with a current limited company wishing to transfer their existing company name to a new LLP should contact the LLP Team Leader. The process will involve a closely controlled company change of name and an LLP incorporation. Establishing contact prior to submitting the necessary forms will help ensure that this process is completed as smoothly as possible.

Is there any qualification to become a director or shareholder in a Private Limited Company ?

Any individual can become a shareholder in a private limited company. For becoming a director in a company, no professional or educational qualification is required.

What is Director Identification Number (DIN) ?

Any person intending to become designated partner in a LLP must apply for director identification number, it is issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Proof of identity and address is required to be submitted along with requisite fee while submitting the application for DIN. If the documents are in order, the DIN is approved within 3-4 days. The approved DIN is valid for life and the same DIN can be used by the director, even if he/she has directorship in more than one company.

What are the responsibilities of a designated partner ?

The designated partner(s) has been entrusted with the responsibility of managing the LLP in the best efficient manner. A designated partner is liable for misconduct or fraud or if found guilty of default.

What address to be given as registered office of the LLP ?

A registered office is required to hold meetings, for keeping records and receiving correspondence from all the statutory/government authorities. The registered office does not have to be necessarily owned by the company, it can be on rented premises also. The registered office of the company determines its jurisdiction for registration, for instance, a LLP with registered office in Delhi will come under the jurisdiction of Registrar of llp, Delhi.

Is it allowed to change registered office of the LLP after registration ?

Yes, A LLP can change its registered office any time after following specified procedure. The changed address can be situated within the same state or in a different state from the state in which it was originally registered.

I am carrying business as a sole proprietor/partnership, can I register a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) ?

Yes, A LLP can be set up following provisions of LLP Act, 2008

Is LLP structure suitable for my business ?

As said before, the biggest advantage of starting a business with LLP form of organization is the outlook by all outside parties towards the business. Though the decision of whether to set up the business as a Limited Liability Partnership or not, rests upon you, but it is advised that the entrepreneur closely evaluate all the merits and demerits.

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PAN Card of the LLP
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Common Seal of LLP
Service Tax Registration
Sales Tax (VAT & CST) Registration
Total Amount INR(Rs.) 7000/- 10000/- 12000/- 17000/- 29000/-
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Process Of Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Step-1 : Application for DPIN or DIN

All designated partners of the proposed LLP shall obtain “Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN)”. You need to file eForm DIN-1 in order to obtain DIN or DPIN. In case you already have a DIN (Director Identification Number), the same can be used as a DPIN.

Step-2 : Acquire/ Register DSC

The Information Technology Act, 2000 provides for use of Digital Signatures on the documents submitted in electronic form in order to ensure the security and authenticity of the documents filed electronically. This is the only secure and authentic way that a document can be submitted electronically. As such, all filings done by the LLP(s) are required to be filed with the use of Digital Signatures by the person authorised to sign the documents.

In case of a Foreign Partner / NRI, the Passport copy and address proof should be notarized by the Consulate of the Indian Embassy, Foreign public notary or Company secretary in full time employment / CEO / Managing director of the Indian company in which he / she proposed to be a director.

Step-3 : New User Registration

To file an eForm or to avail any paid service on LLP portal; you are first required to register yourself as a user in the relevant user category, such as registered and business user

Step-4 : Incorporate a LLP

Apply for the name of the LLP to be registered by filing Form 1 ( Application for reservation or change of name) for the same. After that depending upon the proposed LLP, file required incorporation Form 2 ( Incorporation document and Subscriber’s statement)

Once the form has been approved by the concerned official of the Ministry, you will receive an email regarding the same and the status of the form will get changed to Approved. To know more about eFiling process click “All About eFiling”

Step-5 : File LLP Agreement

After incorporation of LLP, an initial LLP agreement is to be filed within 30 days of incorporation of LLP. The user has to file the information in Form 3 ( Information with regard to Limited Liability Partnership Agreement and changes, if any, made therein).